Vrijthof Concerts André Rieu 2024

Message from André Rieu productions R. van Elssen to downtown residents

Dear City Centre residents,

This year André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra will once again give a number of summer evening concerts on the Vrijthof Square.

We would like to inform you herewith.

Information about the concerts
The concerts will take place on the following days at the Vrijthof Square:

  • Thursday 4 July to Sunday 7 July
  • Thursday 11 July to Sunday 14 July
  • Thursday 18 July to Sunday 21 July

During these concerts, the entire Vrijthof is designated as an event area and television recordings will be made by André Rieu Productions.

This year too, a number of measures will be taken to guarantee an undisturbed and smooth running of the concerts and to keep inconvenience for local residents to a minimum. For you as an inner city resident, it is important to know which measures will be taken during these concerts.

In this newsletter, we would like to inform you about them

The traffic closures

From the start of construction to the end of dismantling, Vrijthof-East will be closed to motorised traffic. Scooters can detour via the Vage Vuur and Sint Servaasklooster. Loading and unloading is possible outside the Rieu concerts within the loading and unloading period.

During the concert days, the North/South axis from Vrijthof at Vrijthof 1 to Bredestraat will first be closed to traffic (except pedestrians) at 16:30. Then, the surrounding streets on Vrijthof will be closed to all traffic (except pedestrians). Vrijthof itself will be completely closed from 17:00 to 02:00. In the period between 17:00 and 00:30, only people with a ticket (from 18:30) or accreditation will be allowed on the square.

The traffic barriers are at the following locations: see also map below:

1. Hondstraat at the corner of Witmakersstraat/Corten Straat;
2. Bredestraat at the corner of St Jacobstraat;
3. Keizer Karelplein at the corner Oude Tweebergenpoort-St. Servaasklooster (driving direction Vrijthof);
4. Statenstraat at the corner of Grote Gracht;
5. Helmstraat on the corner of Grote Gracht.

Traffic controllers will be present at these cordons. The route Witmakersstraat, Kapoenstraat, direction St.Jacobstraat,
Papenstraat, Bouillonstraat or direction Lenculenstraat will remain open for local traffic.


1. During concert days, the Vrijthofgarage will remain accessible without a transit pass, but after 16:30 hours it will only be
accessible via Kommel, Oude Tweebergenpoort, St. Servaasklooster and Vagevuur. You can drive away in the
direction of Henri van Veldekeplein-Bouillonstraat.

2. If you have a private parking space within the area of the traffic barriers, you can use a
pass to reach your parking space. You should have applied for this card before 17 June.

3. Persons with and parking space on the Kanunikkencour or Papenstraat/St. Jacobstraat can reach it without a
drive-through ticket to reach them via the route St. Pieterstraat, M. Heidenstraat, Witmakersstraat, Kapoenstraat

4. People with a parking space in Hondstraat, Bredestraat, Minckelersstraat or Achter de Comedie
can reach their garage with a drive-through ticket via the Hondstraat traffic barrier. Driving out can be done by
driving in the opposite direction on Bredestraat-Hondstraat and following the route here via the

5. The parking facilities on Grote Gracht and Capucijnenstraat are accessible during the concerts via
the route Herbenusstraat, Lindenkruis, Maagdendries, Bogaardenstraat, Uitbeldersstraat, Batterijstraat and
Grote Gracht. You do not need a transit pass for this. The usual route via the Kommel / Oude
Tweebergenpoort is not possible.

6. The parking facilities on Helmstraat and Statenstraat are accessible with a transit pass. The
recommended driving route is via Herbenusstraat, Lindenkruis, Maagdendries, Bogaardenstraat,
Uitbeldersstraat, Batterijstraat, Grote Gracht, Helmstraat and Statenstraat (against the direction of traffic).

The Vrijthof taxi rank cannot be used when Vrijthof is closed to traffic.
The taxi rank is situated at the Market Square at that time. After the end of the concert, taxis will only be allowed into the Markt around
02:00 only allowed to the theatre side of the Vrijthof.

Public transport
From Wednesday 26 June 2024 to Thursday 25 July 2024, Lines 4 and 7 will run the alternative
route via Statensingel. The stops at Markt, Vrijthof, Bouillonstraat, Tongersestraat, Calvariestraat, Kommel and
Helmstraat are cancelled. Temporary stops (existing) are Boschstraat/ Markt, Boschstraat/ Maagdendries,
Mosae Forum, Cannerplein and Emmaplein.

Streets for emergency routes.
Calvariestraat, Kommel, Statenstraat, Helmstraat and Bredestraat will be kept
kept clear as emergency routes for emergency services and police. Parked cars and other obstacles on the
carriageway will also be removed then.

Construction and dismantling
Construction of the event will start on Wednesday 26 June 2024. The removal of technical and other facilities is expected to take three days. The Vrijthof will be completed on Thursday, July 25.

For more information, please visit the dedicated Andre Rieu page at www.maastrichtbereikbaar.nl. You can also contact Andre Rieu Productions for questions about the work by e-mail omwonenden-vrijthof@andrerieugroup.com or by phone at +31611378201 (this number can be reached from 26 June to 25 July); for questions regarding the measures, please
the municipality of Maastricht at 14043.

André Rieu Productions is trying to keep any nuisance to a minimum during the concerts and hopes that you will be able to enjoy the concerts and the special ambiance that will undoubtedly reign around the Vrijthof during these days.
Vrijthof these days.


On behalf of, R. van Elssen, André Rieu Productions B.V.