Newsletter Spring March 2023

by | 3 March 2023

Dear Residents and Community Stakeholders,

We are delighted to present the first newsletter of the year, covering the following significant topics:

A Message from Maastricht Forum

Join the Discussion: Shape the Future of Maastricht!

Maastricht is a vibrant international city, and we value your input on what it’s like to live, work, or study here. Share your thoughts by becoming a member of the Maastricht Forum panel. As a member, you will have the opportunity to participate in surveys addressing pressing issues such as waste management, parking, housing, and other challenges facing our beloved city.

The Maastricht Forum panel has already garnered over 4,000 members, and we invite you to join this engaged community. For more information about Maastricht Forum or to become a member, please visit their panel’s website. While filling out questionnaires may lead to fantastic prizes, please remember that participation is entirely voluntary.

We look forward to your valuable contributions and hope to see you soon!

Research and Statistics Team Municipality of Maastricht

Changes in the Neighbourhood Network Board

Effective March 1st, a change has occurred within the Neighbourhood Network board. Jesse Léger has assumed the role of secretary, while Khanny Jongen continues to serve as vice-chairman.

Public Transport (OV) Update

You may have noticed recent disruptions in our public transport system (OV). Due to excessive work pressure, numerous strikes have affected Arriva, resulting in bus breakdowns and irregular schedules. It is of paramount importance to us that these issues are addressed promptly.

Additionally, we are aware of recent changes to bus routes in the southern part of the city center and will promptly engage with the province regarding this matter. We remain hopeful that the recent elections will contribute to an overall improvement in public transport, benefiting not only Maastricht city center but also other towns and villages in Limburg and across the Netherlands, where vital stops have disappeared.

Conversation and Tour with Alderman John Aarts

On Monday afternoon, March 20th, a meeting and tour will be held with members of the Neighbourhood Network and the Downtown District Alderman, Mr. John Aarts. During this event, we will explore various areas of the city, sharing both positive and negative experiences. Topics for discussion will include issues like disturbances, local events, the reduction of public transport services, and the redevelopment of the former V&D building. Look out for a detailed report on this tour in our upcoming newsletter.

Neighbourhood Meeting – Wednesday, March 22, 2023

City centre residents, please mark your calendars for another neighbourhood meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 22, 2023. This gathering will take place at Brasserie In Den Ouden Vogelstruys, located at Vrijthof 14, in the upstairs room.

If you are an inner city resident and wish to participate, kindly send a message to to confirm your attendance.

Warm regards,

The Board of the City Centre Neighbourhood Network Maastricht

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