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Newsletter Februari 2024

by | 8 February 2024

Dear local residents and interested parties,

This newsletter’s topics:

1.         Impression Magic Winter Table

2.         Subscribe to newsletter

3.         Carnival 2024

4.         Participation meetings 2024

5.         Centre survey

6.         Public transport

7.         Debt relief buddy now also in Maastricht

1. Impression Magic Winter Table

On Wednesday 13 December, our Magical Winter Table took place in the Almhütte at Magical Maastricht Vrijthof. The event was a great success with more than 125 visitors.

View the full photo impression of this event here.

2. Subscribe to newsletter

Due to participation in the Magic Winter Table, some attendees are now receiving our newsletter. They can still subscribe via this link if they wish. One receives this newsletter because the photos of Magic Winter Table are now on the website.

3. Carnival 2024

Carnival activities start from tomorrow in Maastricht city Centre. The municipality has taken measures to limit nuisance, regarding noise, plastic glasses, and trolleys. More information on these measures can be found here. For an explanation of the new cup system in the catering industry, please click here.

4. Participation meetings 2024

There will soon be a date picker for participation meetings for residents, business owners and other interested parties who have signed up. If you are interested, please register at You will then be kept informed via the date picker from now on.

5. Centre survey

The draft questions are ready and have been submitted to the centre neighbourhood organisations for review. The survey is expected to be launched in April, May at the latest. We will keep you updated on further progress.

6. Public transport

The municipality has made proposals for changes to the city centre bus routes. We are currently in discussions with the municipality to explore possible options. We aim to have one or two lines with small electric buses running a new timetable. When this will get off the ground is currently impossible to say; this could take several years and depends on both the Province and Arriva.

7. SchuldHulpMaatje now also in Maastricht

More and more people, including in Maastricht, are struggling with money worries or sometimes debts.

“I struggle to make ends meet every month and would like someone to take a look with me.”

“I have debts and they keep running because I have trouble handling money. I would like help because I can’t manage on my own”.

Just two examples of Maastricht residents who struggle to pay their monthly bills or are in debt and do not know a way out.

Do you also have to puzzle every month to pay all the bills?

Would you rather leave the mail closed because you fear a high bill?

You are not the only one. This happens to more people than you think.

From now on, trained volunteers from SchuldHulpMaatje Maastricht are available.

Volunteers from SchuldHulpMaatje help residents of Maastricht who have money worries or debts to find solutions together.

Need free help or advice? Or just call for information?

Check the website or contact the

Coordinator Talitha Coenen, phone: 06 – 476 628 12/


We wish you a happy Vastelaovend!

The board of the Inner City Neighbourhood Network,

Bèr Prévöt

Khanny Boy

Jesse Léger

Marco Maessen

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