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Terminology in this disclaimer

  • Web page: Every web page on which the administrator has included a link to this disclaimer, which signifies that this disclaimer applies to the page in question.
  • Administrator: The authorized administrator of the web page.
  • Use(s): Includes – but is not limited to – loading, logging in, retrieving, consulting, reading, viewing, listening, editing, filling in (forms), sending, copying (either temporarily or permanently), saving, forwarding, distributing, enlisting services, etc.
  • You: The natural person or legal entity (whether or not they are represented by another person) using this web page.
  • Content: Includes – but is not limited to – texts, images, hyperlinks, audio and/or video extracts, and/or other objects.
  • Damage: Direct or indirect damage or loss of any nature, including – but not limited to – lost data, materials, turnover or profit, or other economic disadvantages.

The web page

The following stipulations apply to the web page. By using the web page, you agree to this disclaimer.

The administrator will make every effort to update and supplement the information on the web page. However, despite these best efforts, it is always possible that content on the web page is incomplete or incorrect.

The administrator provides the content of the web page in its existing state, with no guarantee or safeguard with regard to the accuracy, suitability for a particular purpose, or any other matter. The content is experimental and intended for individual use.

The administrator cannot be held liable for any damage – including damage that has occurred or that may occur in the future – that is related in any way whatsoever to the use of the web page or to the inability to access the web page.

The administrator or parties authorized by the administrator to do so are entitled to amend or delete the web page or any content thereof, either with or without prior notification. The administrator is not liable for the consequences of any amendments or deletions.

References/links to other pages

With the exception of this disclaimer, the administrator is not responsible for any files or third-party web pages that are knowingly linked to the web page.

Buurtnetwerkbinnenstad.nl contains references or links to other sites outside the domain of buurtnetwerkbinnenstad.nl. These are selected in good faith for buurtnetwerkbinnenstad.nl’s target groups and provided to the users for informational purposes only. The Maastricht City Centre Neighbourhood Network is not responsible for the content or availability of these sites or sources. The Maastricht City Centre Neighbourhood Network provides no guarantee and accepts no liability whatsoever regarding the content, data, advice, explanations, software, products, or other material contained on such sites or sources.

Unauthorized or improper use

Unauthorized or improper use of the web page or the contents thereof can constitute a violation of intellectual rights, or legislation concerning privacy, publication, and/or communication in the broadest sense of the terms. You are responsible for everything that you send via the web page.

You will protect and indemnify the administrator, the administrator’s employees, licensees, and business partners, and the author of this disclaimer against any judicial and non-judicial measures, court judgements, and such like, including any necessary costs for legal representation, accountants etc. that are engaged by third parties as a result of or relating to your use of the web page or any violation by you of any laws or third parties’ rights whatsoever.

Informative purpose

The purpose of this site is to serve as a source of information, and it is hence prohibited to duplicate the site, save it in an automatic data file, or publish it in any form or in any way whatsoever, be it electronic, mechanical, by means of photocopying, recording, or any other manner, other than by downloading and viewing it on an individual computer and/or printing a single hard copy for your own use. All photographs published on the website are also covered by copyright. It is prohibited to copy, save, or otherwise reproduce any photos from this website in any way or using any means unless prior written permission to do so is granted by the Maastricht City Centre Neighbourhood Network.

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